Jenna Lynn

Owner/Creator, Physique Dance Fitness

Jenna Lynn Jenna Lynn

Jenna Lynn started dancing at the age of two at local Sacramento studios, training in a variety of dance styles. As a teen, she was part of a competative dance team, winning National titles. Jenna went on to study dance in college, and double majored in Dance and Social Science at American River College (ARC). She received her Associate's Degree from ARC, and then went on to graduate with her Bachelors in Dance from California State University, Sacramento.

Jenna's professional career began in 2011 as a dancer with the UFL's Sacramento Mountain Lions for two seasons. She also performred as a dancer/entertainer at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. She went on to dance for the NBA's Sacramento Kings for 4 seasons. In addition, Jenna has 10+ years experience in teaching and choreographing dance in dance studios, as well as teaching VAPA (visual and performing arts) in local school district programs.

Jenna is the co-owner and director of Physique Dance Fitness, where she shares her love and passion for dance and fitness with others in a judgement free space - all while getting in a good workout! She believes that dancing is a part of each of us and we just need to be given the space and guidance to do it!

Suzie grew up in a small town in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California. She began taking dance classes at three years old, despite her clumsy nature and short attention span. Even though she was never a technically skilled dancer, she enjoyed utilizing dance as an outlet for her excessive energy and creative spirit. She continued taking dance classes throughout elementary, middle and high school and enjoyed dancing for fun whenever she had the opportunity. When Suzie was 19 years old, she was diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation; a chronic brain condition that caused her extreme head pain and impeded her ability to walk. As the condition continued to progress, she lost her ability to walk on her own; she relied on a cane or walker as her primarily form of mobility. Several doctors informed her that this condition would continue to progress; not only did Suzie have to give up her dreams of dancing, but she had to completely readjust her life to accommodate her disability. Through dedication, determination, and stubbornness, Suzie fought her way back toward independent mobility. After years of physical therapy and a life-altering surgery, she was able to walk without the assistance of walking aids. She gradually began pushing herself back toward her previously active lifestyle. In 2018, Suzie discovered Physique (previously “Fithop”) and took her first dance class in over ten years. The positive energy and encouragement that Jenna provided in these classes motivated her to make dance a part of her daily routine again. Suzie jumped at the opportunity to lead and inspire others to stay active through dance fitness.

Suzie Hood


Suzie Hood Suzie Hood

Madison Warren


Madison Warren Madison Warren

Madison is a Sacramento native that grew up dancing at her mother's studio, River City Dance Academy. She has trained in all styles of dance including Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Theater Dance, Hip-Hop, and Pas-De-Deux. Throughout her training, Madison has performed on many stages in the country, including various Community Theaters, National Dance Competitions, and numerous Annual Recitals. Performance credits include Disneyland Parades and Showcases, The California State Fair, and CBS Good Day Sacramento to name a few favorites.

Growing up on a Competitive Dance Company has taught her numerous life skills which include not only proper dance technique, but also character building, accomplishing new skills, respectful etiquette to authority, and learning the importance of team work! Her passion of Dance has brought her to love teaching children the art and watch them develop into talented, yet humble humans. She is thrilled to be teaching alongside [Physique Dance & Fitness] owner, and longtime dance friend, Jenna Miller!

Lisa has been dancing for 18 years. She started her Freshman year in high school when she joined the drill team. She also performed with her high school cheer and competitive cheer squads. While dancing at Sierra College in 2005, she helped start the Dance Club in order to promote performing arts and build a better dance program. In 2008 she went to Hollywood to audition for a job with Tokyo Disneyland, which landed her a 2009 summer contract for 7 months. She relocated to Tokyo to be a face character performing in meet and greets and parades.

When Lisa came back home she set dance aside for a while and started running. She has ran 5 Half Marathons and one Full Marathon. As much as she enjoys running, her heart always leads her back to dance. She has always been in the best shape when she is dancing. To her it's a form of exercise that doesn't feel like working out because she loves and enjoys it so much.

"I really like [Studio Physique] because of it's dance and fitness background. It's high energy with fun people and good music. It truly is a no Judgment zone where you can work on yourself with like minded people and without feeling insecure."

Lisa Byrnes


Lisa Byrnes Lisa Byrnes

Kenya Hilliard


Lisa Byrnes Lisa Byrnes

Kenya is a recent MFA, Dance and choreography graduate from Mills College 2019. She graduated with her BA in Sociology and a minor in Dance from Sacramento State in 2016. There, she pursued her passion for performance with the Sacramento State Marching Band and Color Guard where her love for dance was amplified. Kenya trained under Philip Flickinger, Lisa Ross, Nhan Ho, Lorelei Bayne, Nicole Manker, Pepper Von, Gary Masters, Molissa Fenley, Kara Davis, and Latanya Tigner. Kenya also trained in Dunham Technique under Dr. Linda Goodrich, who is also an alum of Mills College.

Kenya has experience teaching Afro Caribbean dance forms, Jazz, and Contemporary at the collegiate level. She has also taught master classes developing her pedagogy in Dynamic Self/Body Awareness, a concept of dance as it relates and interacts with mindfulness meditation practices. Kenya is trained in Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, and Afro Caribbean dance and interested in exploring the therapeutic element of dance with hopes of getting certified in dance/movement therapy in the future.