Me in a nutshell

I enjoy playing video games, vampires are cool, I have Tourettes, I'm obsessed with cats (Fig, Leo, & Marilyn are my top 3), coffee with steamed oat milk is my happy place, my BFF is also my fiance & being a mom is the best thing I've ever done.

I also really really enjoy dancing & workout out.

Jenna and Daughter

Why I chose dance

My personal journey in life led me to dance as a means to feel good. Growing up I was very shy and quiet and had low self esteem as a child with Tourettes Syndrome. I specifically remember the day I saw a group of performers on stage dancing and thought to myself "I have got to do this!"

Fast forward I danced for studios, joined companies, danced for theme parks & eventually made my way to the NBA. Dancing gave me an outlet to feel good about myself. It allowed me to find my confidence & be able to express myself in a way that was more natural. A bonus was I didn't Tic as much when I was dancing. A win win win situation!!

Why Dance Fitness

My personal "why" behind Physique Dance Fitness is to help people fall in love with themselves. It's more than just dancing or working out. It's about feeling good in your own body & letting go of external worries.

Our Creation

First off - Physique would have never been a thing without my partner in crime, Kris. He has been my #1 supporter, motivator, handyman, & genius on tech! He is a huge part of the dance & fitness integration of Physique and has even choreographed some routines himself!

Teamwork is what our business and relationship is built on & I can honestly say I am a better person because of him.

Jenna and Daughter