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You’ve gotten this far!

So you are definitely looking to add something more to your life. Whether it’s gaining a little more confidence, building a dancer booty, or you keep reading about all this “self-care” and dance was the first on the list. WELCOME!! You are in the right place!.

My Dance Fitness Formats

Jenna and Daughter

Physique Dance Fit

The perfect combo of cardio & toning; all uniquely choreographed to set songs. If you're new to dance fitness this is a great class to start with. Learn fun & easy to follow routines with me for an awesome workout!

Physique Dance Fit (Toning)

Similar to the original dance fit format except lower impact & let's add some weights to the party!

Physique Choreo Fit

Take your dance skills to the next level as we build on choreography throughout this class. Non stop dance cardio infused with plyometric moves & interval training for the ultimate sweat sesh!


The Rule

I just have one rule - don't take yourself (or anything) too seriously! Be open minded & welcome anything as neither good or bad.

Just be yourself ~ follow me & we will have some fun!