Class Decriptions

Physique Dance Fitness is made up of high energy, cardio & toning classes that incorporate easy to follow moves, with your favorite music, for a great workout turned dance party!

Classes structured for adults of all fitness backgrounds. You don't need to be experienced in dance to learn these moves.


Dance Fit

Dance Fit

The perfect combo of cardio & toning; all uniquely choreographed to set songs. If you're new to dance fitness this is a great class to start with. Learn the fun and easy to follow dance routines for for a great workout!

Please bring a yoga mat for outdoor classes.

Choreo Fit

Choreo Fit | Hip Hop & Jazz Funk

Take your dance skills to the next level as we build on choreography throughout this 60min class. Non stop dance cardio infused with plyometric moves & interval training for the ultimate sweat sesh!

Jazz Funk* Please bring a yoga mat as floor work (optional) is typically done in this class.

Dance Fit Strength and Tone

Barre Fusion Strength & Tone

Combines Barre with Strength and Toning routines for a full body burn! For outdoor classes please bring a pair of light and heavy weights (1-5lbs) & a yoga mat. If you do not have weights we can provide them for $1. We do provide Barre's for the first 10 people that book their spots. After that we ask that you bring your own chair.